Find the right person for you

Find someone who is proud to have you‚ scared to lose you‚ fight for you‚ appreciates you‚ respects you‚ care for you and loves you unconditionally.

Love is a beautiful thing especially when you love the right kind of people. I grew up around the bets set of humans in the world

They are basically the best things that happened to me and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

I didn’t have to find or fight for love; I know I would always be with them and they won’t ever stop loving me.

My parents are my guardian angel in human form and I knew they will always have my back. They brought me up with so much love and I know there is no atom of hate in me.

They are my best friend and I loved traveling around the world with them. I don’t know how my life is going to be like if they should ever leave me and I’m lucky I have them as mine.

Someone else I appreciate in my life is my best friend; he has shown me so much love and affection‚ something I never thought was real; I once believed it was only parents that can ever love me and I’m happy that I met him too.

He became the sibling I never had and it’s so funny how we clicked on the first day we saw each other; I found love.

Always endeavor to be with someone who feels the same way you do and not people who are forcing themselves to love you.