Five-Year-Old Boy Rescues Sister from a Burning House

Many times, great things are done by people we belittle or never expected heroic actions from.

Who could ever imagine that a five-year-old boy will be able to help a total number of seven people get out of a burning house?

This alone has made me change my views about who I perceive as a superhero. Growing up, I knew that superheroes were always muscular, big, and are adults. I never for once thought they can be in anybody, no matter the age, size, tribe, or the different colors of human beings.

A five-year-old boy named Noah Woods, a superhero who has been among us showed himself recently. He saved his family, from an electrical fire outbreak that took place in their residence in Bartow County, Georgia. Noah Woods saved a total number of seven people and he has been recognized as a hero and honored with the lifesaving award.


This accident took place when the whole family was asleep; it happened as a result of an electrical malfunction. Noah shares the same room with Lily,  his two-year-old sister. He was also asleep but was fast enough to notice the change in the atmosphere. He woke up immediately and ran out with his sister through the window, which was the nearest open exit to him.

He dove back to the house after dropping his sister to safety; he rescued his dog and called for help as they were other seven people asleep in the house. Noah saved the rest of them and no life was lost; he and four other members of the family had minor burns and smoke inhalation.

No one ever saw it coming; he is a hero who prevented a tragic loss and should be celebrated. He had a dream of being a superhero, but after the incident, he decided to be a police officer to save lives and property.

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