I love my company

Sometimes, I spend time alone because hearing the same meaningless conversations from people every day makes me want to punch someone in the face.

You know when everyone feels like they can step on your toes and do all kinds of stuff they feel it’s right for you.

I ran away from home after I turned sixteen; I was an orphan who was left at the mercy of my uncles and aunts.

Life wasn’t a bed of roses and most times I spend time alone as no one wanted to associate with me.

My uncles loathed me because they felt I caused the death of their brother and sister.

I was in the same car with them and funny enough only I survived the accident; my siblings died alongside my parents and I was just the survivor.

It left me with a big scar on my face which makes kids scamper for safety each time they see me.

When I turned fifteen; life got tougher for me as I spent every moment of my life listening to the words of advice of the same people who hated me.

The only thing they always repeated was that I shouldn’t carry an unwanted pregnancy and come back to their home.

I wasn’t a wayward child, but they chose to see me as one. It was at those moments of my life I realized I was alone and started enjoying my own company.

I loved staying alone, in a quiet place free from their troubles, the noises coming from humans, just a place of tranquility.

I ran away from home to enjoy that feeling of peace and I found it.