You can’t change people

One can’t change people, so don’t drive yourself crazy trying; instead just change how you deal with them, or just stay away from them. People change because they want to and not because of our efforts. 

I have had a fiance who was a drug addict; I didn’t find out on time because I wasn’t one to be so nosy and monitoring all his affairs wasn’t something I like doing.

One of the days we decided to hang out in a club, he suddenly excused himself upstairs same with his friends.

It didn’t take up to thirty minutes and the cops arrived and went upstairs; soon as saw my fiance being taken away with some of his friends and other people who couldn’t recognize.

I got to know through the officers that they were doing drugs and I didn’t even know what to feel at that moment.

The man I’m planning on spending my whole life with was a drug addict.

Through my dad’s influence, I was able to get him out of police custody and I got to learn that it wasn’t his first arrest.

I had to put our supposed wedding at a stop to help him get over his addiction, but I guess he never wanted to stop.

He spent over eight months in rehab and the next two months with a therapist and nothing still changed about him.

I saw him doing drugs again after that in his home and I knew at that moment if I didn’t cut ties with him, it’s going to be a big threat to my mental health.

He didn’t want to change and trashed all my efforts; I left for good.