Jennifer Aniston shares a text she received ‘out of nowhere’ from Matthew Perry before his unexpected death.

The tragic and unexpected death of actor Matthew Perry caused anguish all around the world.

The actor was discovered dead in his LA home’s hot tub on October 28. He allegedly dispatched his personal assistant to perform some errands for him, and when she got home, she discovered his body in the water. Perry drowned, according to reports. The toxicology report requested by authorities has yet to be released, however it is known that no illegal narcotics were discovered at the site.

Perry was sober at the time of his death, according to his closest family and friends.

The actor who played Chandler Bing struggled with addictions for the most of his life, but he never gave up trying to get back on track, despite the numerous setbacks he endured.

The ‘Friends’ cast (from L-R): Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox Arquette, and Matt Leblanc. Credit / Getty
Perry’s on-screen friendships with his five greatest buddies were mirrored in his off-screen friendships.

Jennifer Aniston, 54, Lisa Kudrow, 60, Courteney Cox, and David Schwimmer, 57, came at Forest Lawn Church of the Hills in Los Angeles, all dressed in black, while Matt LeBlanc greeted them outside after the emotional ceremony.

“We are all completely crushed by Matthew’s death. We were more than simply coworkers. In a unified statement, the cast added, “We are a family.” “There is so much to say, but for the time being, we’re going to grieve and process this incomprehensible loss.” We will say more as we are able in the future. For the time being, our thoughts and prayers are with Matty’s family, friends, and everyone who loved him throughout the world.”

Friends performers later expressed personal condolences to the man they considered family, including LeBlanc and Aniston, who Perry said reached out to him the most after the cult sitcom wrapped.

Ron Davis/Getty Images
Aniston was by his side through thick and thin, and she was the one who kept in touch with him through his ups and downs.

According to a friend of hers, “nobody shed more tears for Matthew during the darkest points of his struggles with addiction than Jennifer.”

“All five of the Friends cast are in bad shape, but Jen is by far the worst,” a source told Woman’s Day.

“She’s torturing herself with every scenario in which she could have done or should have said this or that.” She was one of the last persons to speak with him, and she had planned to phone him the next day [the day after he died]. She’s been going over every phrase, but no one knows.”

“The real pain is that she’s been with him almost every step of the way,” an insider said. She had high hopes for Matthew’s big comeback, and they were talking about writing a new script together. There was so much to look forward to, but Jen understands it was his body, not Matthew’s, that gave out.

“She knows he wanted to live, which makes his untimely death all the crueler.” He still had so much to offer. She’s devastated, and it will take her a long time to heal. She’ll never be able to convince herself that she didn’t try everything she could to save him, but she did. Thanks to Jen and Courteney Cox’s assistance, the world had Matthew Perry for a lot longer than expected.”

Aniston also sent a screenshot of a message Perry sent to her only days before his death, in which he told her that making her laugh “made my day.”

Aniston’s response to the message was, “Awww the first of THOUSANDS of times…”

Peace be with you, Matthew Perry.

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