Keep Your Dear Friends Close

There are different categories of friends we will have in our lives. The different stages of our lives will bring us in contact with different people. We will build a friendship at every stage of our lives. No matter how many friends you have, there are some that are rare, beautiful, and extra dear. Some of us are lucky to have that one friend who goes above and beyond for us. They do not take note of our flaws and mistakes. People like this are rare, and when we meet them, we should hold them, dear. These kinds of friends do not need any reason to be there for you. They do it willingly without looking for anything in return. They are not your best friends; they have become more like family. Friends like these are rare and are one in a million. They go out of their way to be our support system and encourage us to pursue our goals and ambitions. They are always there for us, and the beautiful thing is that they don’t even need a reason to do so. Rare and cherished. Selfless people are rare. People who go out of the way to help others without looking for something for themselves are rare. We meet them in our journey through life. We come across them once in a while, but when they are our friends, we do not know how blessed we are. Not everyone has the privilege to have friends like this in their lives. The kind of friend who does not look at our shortcomings, who does not take our errors to heart. All they want to do is help us become better versions of ourselves. They are our biggest fans and cheerleaders. When we have a project to do, they are the kind of friends who will take it upon themselves to push us and encourage us. Always there for us. Friends who call to check up on us. Constantly reaching out to know how we are doing. They keep us in their minds and in their hearts. They do not need an extra incentive to show us, love. No matter how busy they are, no matter how far from us they are, they are there for us. They always want the best for us. They don’t have ulterior motives in helping us; it is who they are. Cherish them. We know these people are rare. We know that friends like this are not a dime, a dozen. That is why we have to cherish them and hold them close. We have to appreciate them. We have to learn to pay the love forward. When we receive this level of love and commitment from such rare friends, we must be willing to return it and also share it. Friends like this should be held, dear. They should be people who mean a lot to us, and we must keep them in our hearts. We must not be ungrateful and take their love for granted.

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