Life is too Short for You not to be Happy

We do not necessarily ask people,” why are you happy” as much as we ask them why they are sad, and that is because happiness should be our default settings. We shouldn’t have to put so many efforts into being happy. We spend so much of our time chasing dreams and goals, being serious and focused that we forget to live. Live, laugh, love. Take time to enjoy life. Live life fully. Learn to laugh and laugh genuinely. Remember to show love because that is the essence of life. Do not be afraid to live. Enjoy the little things of life. Take time to savor the hidden treasure life holds. Remember that life is short, and it can be all over in the twinkle of an eye. Be different. Society has made us believe that being different is a bad thing. Not every form of being different is bad. You are different when you do not fit society’s mold and perception of you. Perhaps, society has a preconceived notion about your gender or race. Society might insist that someone of your gender or race should do certain things and no others. To fully enjoy life, you have to break out of whatever stereotype society has determined for you and be different. Take pride in standing out, in doing the unexpected. Swerve left if being left makes you happy. Do not give up your happiness to fit in. Be silly. “Oh, stop acting so silly!” how many times has this statement made us still and stand up straight. Instantly we stiffen in a bid to appear more mature. There is nothing wrong with being and acting mature. Sometimes, we need to let our hair down, drop maturity, and be silly for once. We need to allow the child in us to come out once in a while and allow ourselves to be happy. Enjoy the silly things of life. Play like a child. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and do something that makes you genuinely happy. When was the last time you danced in the rain or ran barefoot on the beach? When was the last time you had a pillow fight or do something totally out of character? These things might seem silly to an adult, but that is why it is important. Life is too short to not be silly once in a while. Be crazy. Crazy is not when you have lost grip of your senses and have to be committed to a facility. Crazy is when you let go of certain inhibition and be happy. Crazy is forgetting other people and dancing on the street. It is walking home at night while skipping to the beats of music. Crazy is something that you wouldn’t do on an average day, but you do it because it makes you happy. Life is short, and every day could very well be the last day you live. Focus on being happy and live your life fully.

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