Know who to hold onto forever

The friends who have seen every version you have ever been, from that rock bottom broken to that sky-high heaven and everything in between, and stayed through it all, hold then now and forever.

True friendship is always very rare, there are times I stay up in the night and all I do is to thank God for giving me a big family in the form of friends; they have been my strength and comfort in trying times.

They showed me true friendship exists and I feel so proud of having them as my friends.

My parents lost everything we had when I was in high school, and I already lost hope of going further with my education. Feeding became very hard and we had to move out of the estate we once owed to a rented apartment.

It was during those moments I realized that God doesn’t help people in his true form, he comes in the form of people.

Angels exist in human form and I never knew they were my friends. 

It didn’t take up to two weeks I stayed away from school, my friends paid up my tuition fees and they were there to put me through all I have missed.

They never rubbed it on my face of how they helped me; they never stopped being supportive and I can’t thank God enough for making our paths cross.

I will forever appreciate them for being with me at my worst and helping out even in situations I never expected it; thank you best friends.