Walk away when you are not needed

The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment you absolutely walk away and never look back.

People never seem to cherish what they have until they lose it. I can remember how my first relationship went down the drain.

At some points, I wake up in the night trying to understand where I went wrong that things had to go south.

I wasn’t a troublesome person, neither was I a fighter. I was raised in a good home and I knew the grace I carried.

I fell in love with this man at first sight; we were from what people described as too different worlds, but I was willing to make him the best version of himself that ever existed.

I loved him to the core and I was blind to all his flaws and imperfections. He wasn’t a rich man, I sponsored him through school, and during those days were our most lovely days.

He moved in with me to continue his education; he knew I was the manager of my dad’s company hence I didn’t have much time to perform some basic roles in the house.

He didn’t complain he was willing to do anything for me; things started falling apart after he graduated, got a job, and decided to move out of my house. I found out unnecessary, but I felt he had his reasons.

He stopped calling me like he used to and each time I wanted to come over to his house; he gives me the busy working man attitude. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and went to his house; and met another woman there.

I didn’t want to be dramatic; I speculated it was his sister. He wasn’t around, I called him and he broke the news to me.

He was planning on getting married to the woman I saw in his house; he thanked me for all I did for him and that right now he can stand without my help.

It was one of the toughest moments of my life; I felt not wanted, exploited, and empty. I picked up myself, and left; life doesn’t stop for anyone.