Parents Should See How Their Kids Behave at School

There is an insanely high expectation on teachers. Somehow parents seem to leave the job of child grooming to the teachers stylishly.
We have different categories. The worse ones are those who always defend their child’s bad behavior in school and the ones who expect teachers to raise their kids.
Teachers are not surrogate parents; neither are they nannies. Their job is to teach your kids and educate them. The responsibility of child discipline lies majorly with the parents.
A lot of parents who quickly rush to defend their children when reports of them misbehaving at school gets to them.
They are adamant and refuse to accept that their child is in error. They even go as far as to blame the teacher or and child for the conduct of their child.
Imagine if parents could see how their children behave in school.
Police are beginning to wear body cam so that in the case of an accident, shooting, or violence, a proper investigation can be carried out using the footage from the body cam.
This is to protect both the police and the citizens.
Imagine teachers wearing bodycams. Not only will it allow parents to have an insight into the behavior of their child, but it will also protect the children.
On the one hand, we have a device that helps protect teachers from unnecessary attacks by parents who are bent on defending their child’s virtue.
On the other hand, we have a device that helps parents know how the teacher relates to the child in school.
With the right regulations, a body cam for teachers will save a lot of drama.
Parents can no longer say their child is not guilty of something they been accused of when the evidence is clearly seen in the body cam footage. Teachers also have to become conscious when they interact with the children as they are the ones wearing a body cam.
Some persons may argue that this is some form of monitoring for the teachers, but this move can be quite beneficial to both the parents of the child and the teacher.
Parents should see.
It might seem a bit extreme to ask teachers to wear body cams, but look at it this way: the teachers spend a good portion of the day with the kids. The parents might not grasp the full extent to which their kids have developed socially. They might not see how their kids interact with other children, whether good or bad. They will not know how exactly their kids learn or struggle in school. The body cam is not to show parents that their kids are in the wrong. It can also serve to enlighten parents on how their kids are at school, where their kid’s interest lies, and who is important to their kid.
It will also help the school to understand the dynamics between the teacher and the children. It will help parents know early on which subject their child has taken to and which one they struggle with. In all, it is not a bad idea for teachers to wear body cams once in a while.

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