Signs You Relationship Partner Is Not Listening To You

Being in love is great, but when you are with someone that does not listen to you, it almost feels like you are at war with yourself. Honestly, being married or in a long-term relationship with a self-absorbed person who is more preoccupied with his or her own life is more or less a lonely proposition. This could be why they do not acknowledge the way you feel about certain things and do not take the thing you say seriously. The listening problem could be related to issues that your spouse has, your method of delivery, or a combination of both.

Endless Self Defense

Have you ever been in a situation where you tell your boyfriend something that’s bothering you and you end up being the one apologizing? If that happens too often, it could mean you are being played without even either of you knowing it. If you have a partner that gets defensive because he or she feels attacked whenever you bring up something, there is a good chance they are only hearing and processing criticism. Even you cannot be left off the hook because there is a good chance you are being critical of your partner. However, if you are trying to have one honest, constructive conversation in which blames are scarc, the odds are they may respond to the few negative words they are able to hear. Such partners do not listen, and instead see a problem with everything. Endlessly defending themselves means you two might never reach an agreement.

Serious Distraction

This often happens when you are forcing yourself to be in a romantic relationship with someone who is just not into you. Well, having a discussion with your partner without being interrupted is almost impossible. Not only is the reality of this frustrating, but also discourages you from having conversations with him or her in future. If someone is really into and cares about you, they will do more than hear and actually digest the info you give them. No matter how hectic your life can be, we need to admit that there must be some time to have a quick one with your partner. But are your concerns being brushed aside for a quick email? The worst could be your partner being unables to give you just five minutes of no interruptions. If they are looking at a smartphone or getting on a call nearly every time you are talking, chances are they are not interested in hearing you out.

No Questions Asked

When you finish telling him or her about how you do not like the fact that there is a hollow between the both of you, what everyone expects is for your partner to ask you for more details. That is what an interested and considerate partner would do. Supposing you have a friend who does not ask you questions about your life challenges, then that relationship could be cosmetic and watery after all. As someone who claims to love you, your partner must be willing to get to the root of whatever you talk to him about. Those ones who do not say anything unless you go tooth and nail to pry it out of their mouths are the people whose interest in you could be very little. If it happens repeatedly even after you complain about it, then you already have your answer. It’s best you close up shop and move on.

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