Quit Blindly Chasing Happiness

Life Is Not Just One But Also Short, So You Need To Enjoy It

The lifespan of an average person is 78.7 years, and that’s actually if you are lucky enough. For the first 10 to 15 years of your life, you hardly know what you are doing. Once you reach 50, chances are you may not come out of another decade stronger and healthier.

So, for those moments between your ripened teenagehood and prime adult life, the only thing you can really do is enjoy your life. Most people think that doing this is more complex than said, but reality actually begs to differ.

Quit Blindly Chasing Happiness

It is a common belief that for one to live life to the fullest, they need to be happy. And to be happy, they need to have all the things they desire and do what they fantasize about. Well, that is the problem with happiness—attaching it to something does not always work out. Rather than chasing it, allow it. Truth is, if you are content and at peace with yourself and everyone around you, happiness will naturally walk into your life.

Because happiness is a person’s natural state, there is really no need to fuss over it. You can return it where it should be if you allow other feelings to come up, be felt and not resisted. The less you resist other things in pursuit of this satisfaction, the more joy will become a part of your life. Appreciate the little things and bask in the glory of small wins, because trying too hard to feel okay could set you up for failure.

Value And Nurture Positive Connections

Thanks to the perversion of social media and the truncation of many other forms of physical communication, a lot of people have now come to think that needing other people is a thing of the past. They seem to follow a trend which mandates them to detach themselves from people and focus more on themselves. Contrarily, connecting with people and building positive relationships with them is part of the life enjoyment we speak of.

It does not matter whether you are an introvert or extrovert. The quality of friends you have goes a long way in determining the quality of your life. If you are lucky enough to find a good friend in someone, research says you would be better off going out of your way to sustain that relationship. But also bear in mind that happiness and fulfilment is not dependent upon forced relationships and shallow connections.

Experience The World

Thanks again to the digitalness of the world today and the consequences that come with it. Peop;e find less reasons to venture out there. They feel they no longer need to leave the seeming comfort of their local and virtual caves. While there is absolutely nothing off about spending time in the comfort of your personal, safe niche in this reality, spending all your time in confinement breeds a stagnant life.

When you get the chance to, take a step out of your comfort space, out the front door and into an environment where you can breathe a different kind of air. That is what living a dynamic life is all about. Go play in a park, spend some time at the beach and maybe go to a place you know you have never been before. By exploring the outside world, you will realize how exciting and beautiful life can actually be. So why not pack those bags and get on a train, bus or flight?

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