Thank you God 🙏

Thank God for giving me another chance to a better person and live a fulfilled life.

I haven’t been the perfect son or have I acted like your creation; I am sorry for the times I could have done better.

I am sorry for the times I let my flesh take over my reasoning; I have done the worst, but you still let me live.

I thought you never loved me from my childhood and that was what pushed me into believing that no one cared for me.

At the age of seven, my stepfather took turns with his older son each to rape me; I was molested and each night I cried to you nothing happened.

I told my mom and she called me a homewrecker because she felt I was making up stories.

I ran away from home at the age of sixteen when I couldn’t stand it anymore; I ended up in the streets and I got to get myself involved in robbery and kidnapping in other to survive.

At that moment of my life, I didn’t care about what you thought, I just wanted to exist and forget all I have been through.

During many of the robbery incidents, everyone in my team always gets wounded, some caught by the policeman, but I always came back unharmed. I boasted about how meticulous I was, without knowing you were giving me another chance to do better.

I got salvation through the weirdest way ever, but I knew it was my time to be redeemed.

Thank you for your mercy, grace, forgiveness, protection, guidance, peace, and unfailing love.