They don’t always have to know

Don’t always tell people what you are going to do; do it and shock them and after shocking them stay silent and move onto the next project. Keep shocking. Keep enjoying.

You don’t always have to tell people what you are up to unless they ruin your plans.

When I was in high school I had no idea there was something like copyrights.

I was someone who loved writing stories and poems; I had a collection of them and I was hoping to publish them one day.

I also loved writing songs and along the way, I could compose beats for them; I was someone who can’t contain my joy each time I made a discovery and hence always confided in someone I thought was a friend.

I was planning on raising money after school to produce at least a single of my songs and maybe later on will partner with a publishing company for my books.

I was quite surprised when I heard my single being played in the school social night gathering; it was at that point I knew that someone has stolen my work.

I confronted my so-called friend and he told me I had no proof of ownership; he said I had the brains, but no cash to produce what I have.

I learned my lesson the hard way; that song became a hit and sooner than later he was being sought around the globe, but he didn’t keep the fame for long as he had no talent.

I learned to work in silence and let my results speak for me.