The old ones are still the best

When looking at my mum’s younger pictures I can but imagine how life moves so fast and how far we have gone.

Each picture reminds me of the memories we have together; when she could still walk with her both legs and those moments she was always playing with my kids; I never failed to capture those moments.

Life moves so fast before our eyes and hence we should make every moment count with our loved ones.

While having my first and seconds kids you were holding my hands and telling me to be strong that you will always be with me.

You helped me have an easy birth, but the last two that came, you were sitting on the wheelchair giving me your words of encouragement, at that moment I knew mama has gotten older.

Your life is something worthy of emulation as you lived an exemplary life for me and my siblings.

Even at old age, you never stopped looking after us or making sure our various families were doing fine.

Your physical features got old, but your head and heart never aged for a bit.

You still single-handedly handle the family’s company asking us to spend time with our family, that you will take care of everything.

You always told me that you want us to be very comfortable after your departure, but I don’t want to even think about t.

You have become part of my life and I don’t know what life could be without you; I want to be with you forever, mama.