There’s always something to be thankful for

Train your mind and heart to see the good in everything; there’s always something to be thankful for.

Life isn’t always easy, no matter how we fight or try to make things work; it just keeps slapping us back.

When I couldn’t get into any tertiary institution I was down-spirited; I gave up on ever going to school. I felt life was unfair as most of my classmates were graduating when I can’t even get an admission yet.

I started going to different prayer houses trying to find a solution to my problems, but they all said nothing was wrong.

I believed then they were fake and had nothing good to say about me or maybe my enemies already tipped them off.

Amidst what I was going through my mom always told me to be thankful as I can still breathe, my physical features are complete; that what more could I ask of.

She reminded me of the man not so far from our house who is blind and the only thing he ever wished for was to see the light of the day and here I am with everything and I still consider life as unfair.

Those words touched me and I realized how ungrateful I have been; I knew how to make footwear, but I didn’t want to venture into it as I wanted to be a graduate just like others.

I later went into shoe-making and I can’t but thank God for his mercies and grace so far.

Five years into growing my brand, I opted for an online class in a college abroad and was accepted to study business administration; seems like everything came at the right time.