My grandmother is my best friend

Grandmothers have ears that truly listen, arms that always hold, and a heart that’s always made of gold.

I grew knowing that my grandmother was the only family I had and my life from childhood has always been a bumpy ride.

My mom had me when she was sixteen after several pleas from my grandmother not to abort the child.

My dad rejected me even before my birth and even when he was told of my birth he never came to see me or my birthday’s grandmother sent letters to him he never replied.

Mom ran away from home when I was barely a month old and up until now, I have never set my eyes on her.

She calls granny once in a while and each time I want to talk to her she hangs up.

At some certain points of my life, I felt unwanted, I felt I shouldn’t have been born and wanted to take my life.

I knew I had no say when I was coming into this world, hence shouldn’t be treated like some trash.

Granny was always there each moment of my life, moments when I couldn’t walk again she became my aid, times I felt I was alone she was my companion.

She was my confidant and best friend, she was my hype woman and never missed any of the school activities for any reason.

Even during the races when I lost, she always cheered me up from the crowd, she couldn’t just stop telling people I’m her baby.

She became the sun in my life that brightens my day, she became everything I ever wanted and more.

I know that I can’t repay her for all she’s done, the little I can do is to let the world know that I have got a rare gem as a granny.