Useful Tips To Turns Men On And Keeps Them Around

For some women, they can attract men like magnets, but why and how? Believe it or not, most men have set desires and values they actually look for in the woman of their dreams – it is not about the looks or the body! “What Turns Men On and Keeps Them Around?” read below!

1-) Men seek happiness; they value a woman who appears to be cheerful, happy and always wearing a smile. Happiness and smiles go hand in hand, they truly are infectious. In all honesty, who wants to be around someone who’s frowning, complaining or leads a drama filled life? In general a smile is a “green” light, signaling it is okay to be approached by him.

2-) A compassionate woman is a prize possession to men; they search for loving and caring women that treat themselves and others in such a loving and caring approach. It is genuinely warming to a man to see women that display concerns and kindness to others. Men find compassionate women irresistible and view them as one they’d like to hold onto in a lasting relationship.

3-) Women who actually take the time to listen to their partners concern, problems, or even if they’ve just had a bad day at the office – this means so much to men because it shows you are genuine, you care and you are there for them.

4-) Men do crave a woman who dresses like a lady. This is where we can really show our best attributes ladies!  We all have the power to be irresistible, it isn’t about being sexy, it isn’t about your looks; use your curves and dress to emphasize them! Men love a woman this is not ashamed or insecure of her body.

5-) Men crave touch – now this doesn’t mean grabbing all over him in public, but it does mean letting him know your there. Soft touches, holding hands, running your fingers through his hair. Touch is so important, it shows you’re interested and you desire him.

6-) Confidence in women is a huge factor to men, it shows your inner strength, what you’re capable of doing; it shows you believe in yourself and that you are comfortable in your own skin. Men love women who show they love themselves totally. They love a woman that leads a passion filled life.

7-) To all men I know, life without laughter isn’t worth living! Men love a woman with a good sense of humor. Yes, the also enjoy the more serious moments, but for any successful relationship – humor is a must!

 Authenticity is huge and men truly seek for a genuine woman. Men want a woman they can confide in and share their dreams with, and they also want the same open and honesty from you at all times.