Most Important Things You Need To Know About Relationships

When you see an old couple holding hands or sharing romantic kisses while sitting on a park bench doesn’t that spark warm feelings of love and happiness in your heart. Doesn’t it make you think about how they maintained their relationship for so many years when couples you know have trouble making it past six months? Most important things you need to know about the relationship and of course some people are not made for each other and so their relationship just simply doesn’t work. But then there are couples who give up the minute an obstacle comes along which makes you think their relationship wasn’t truly important to them in the first place. What everyone has to understand in order to preserve a strong happy and prosperous relationship is that love is colorful and the same kind of love doesn’t exist for everyone. Being in a loving relationship that continues to thrive I’m going to share some of the few things that I believe should exist between two lovers who want to sustain their prosperous relationship.

1. Communication

Communicating with your partner is essential. I’m sure you’ve heard it before but communication is key.If something is bothering you or what your partner wants to do isn’t what you’re interested in say something. Neither you nor your partner are mind readers  so how are they supposed to know how you feel if you keep your feelings bottled up inside. Not speaking up and communicating your ideas, feelings, desires, and wants is unhealthy because one day you might blow up and say some things you’ll either regret or feel sorry for saying. Communicate to find a middle ground in your relationship because it’s unfair for one person to constantly accommodate the other. Relationships cannot grow without communication. so don’t be afraid to speak your mind and embrace your thoughts.

2.Trust and Honesty

A relationship cannot continue without trust and honesty. By being honest with your partner they have no reason to doubt you or not trust you. Trust is vital in a strong and successful relationship because you don’t want to think twice about what your partner says or does. Almost anything can be acceptable in a relationship as long as you’re honest with your partner.  Most important things you need to know about the relationship being in a relationship doesn’t mean that everything else in your life has to change. You can still see your friends go out and be your own person but be honest with your partner with whatever you do because by hiding something from them you might be giving them the perfect reason not to trust you.

3. Forgiveness

No relationship is perfect. That’s because none of us are perfect. People make mistakes in everyday life in the same way that people make mistakes in relationships. Of course, there are some things that are unforgivable, such as cheating on your partner because it means that your relationship didn’t mean much to you anyway. But, most things can be forgiven. Forgiveness is extremely important and necessary in a relationship because we have to accept and be reminded that we aren’t perfect.

4. Respect and Appreciation

Without respect and appreciation, there is no love. How can you disrespect the one you love and care for. Exactly it’s hard to find an answer. Respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Respect your partner by choosing your words carefully honoring boundaries being willing to compromise showing consideration and protecting your partner. Make sure you’re being respected by knowing your worth acting honorably setting and upholding boundaries being a man or woman of your word and showing respect for yourself.

5. Emotional Support

Real men don’t cryis a load of bullshit. I have been blessed to be surrounded by a few strong and courageous men in my life who I’ve seen shed a tear or cry when losing a loved one or simply out of pure happiness. We all have emotions and though we try to hold them in check, those emotions sometimes boil over. In relationships, it’s important to show emotional support for your partner regardless if they are a man or a woman.

6. Humor

Sharing laughs and smiles with the one you love is extremely important. After all being in a relationship is sharing your life with someone you care for cherishing and have fun with. Being able to joke around and laugh with one another is extremely healthy for your well-being and the relationship. It’s not just about fun and games but it’s also no fun to be so serious and stern about everything.

7. The Magic of Small Things

The small things in life are actually not that small. There are times where the smallest deed can make someone the happiest and that’s usually because the small things are the most thoughtful ones. Preparing breakfast when your partner is too tired or surprising them with an iced caramel latte on their way home from work can be enough to make their day.

8. Sharing Interests

Having things in common with the one you love and sharing interests with your partner is perfect because neither one of you need to accommodate the other. There will be days where both you and your partner will not want to do the same things and middle ground will have to be met but sharing interests makes it easier when looking for fun things to do and finding things to talk about! Having a few similar interests like bike riding or playing football allows you and your partner to have your thing the thing that brings you two together.

9. Celebrate Achievements

The happiness you feel because of your own achievements should be the same feeling you get when your partner accomplishes something they’ve been striving for no matter how little it may be. Whether it be winning the Noble Peace Prize having a 4.0 GPA, or hitting a new record at the gym no achievement should go unnoticed. Being proud of your partner’s achievements can strengthen your relationship and bring both of you closer together.

10. Love and Affection

Love is life. And if you miss love you miss life. This might strike you at first but what’s the point of being successful, rich, happy, or really anything else if you have nobody to share it with Love is one of life’s greatest gifts. It brings people together and allows them to build a life that some can only dream of. Most important things you need to know about the relationship but sometimes love is not enough to maintain a prosperous and healthy relationship.

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