When She is Silent, There is a Lot She is Saying

When people are in love, they share a thing. A woman in love will not hesitate to share with you her feelings, her thoughts, and even her fears. The thing about love is that when the people we love hurt us, we feel it the most. Other people may hurt us buy it won’t be as bad as the one we receive from the one we love. When a woman in love gets emotionally hurt by her lover, and she speaks out, she has gotten over it within. You will know she is hurting when she ignores you and keeps entirely. Okay, not okay. Ever asked a woman who is not okay if she is okay, and she says she is? Then she proceeds to ignore you and gives you the silent treatment. At that point, she is not being a difficult person; neither is she trying to be coy and petty. That is just her own way of communicating her hurt to you. She might not say it out loud and might continue to act normal, but she will be hurting. When you sense that she might be hurting, reach out to her. Sometimes asking her if she is okay might piss her off, especially if she thinks you should know she is hurting and why. Do not try to fix the problem by psychoanalyzing her. Even if you are sure that you are not the reason she is hurting, avoid the fix-it approach.

Her silence speaks volumes

There are women who speak when they are hurting, and if you have such a woman, then be grateful. Naturally, a woman will recoil into herself when she’s hurt, especially when she’s hurt by the one she loves. She does this because normally she expects you to be the one she would turn to when someone else has hurt her. Instead, you are the one responsible for her hurting. She would rather stay silent and ignore you. Her ignoring you is her way of trying to deal with it on her own and, at the same time, letting you know that she is not happy with you. Silence is the loudest communication most women will have with you. That is their number one signal when you have hurt them. When your normally conversational wife begins to ignore you, she is sending you a message. Please do not be too oblivious to her silent communication. You should know her well enough to know when her silence is as a result of her needing some quiet time and when it is as a result of her ignoring you. Let your focus at that time be on trying to make her feel better. There should be no room for ego in a healthy relationship, so apologize and make amends. Acknowledge the fact that she is hurting, and if it is your fault, apologize but if the hurt is as a result of something else, ask her how you can help her feel better.

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