I Give Because I Know how it feels to have nothing

Ever since I started to earn money, I have consistently given as much as I can. Giving brings me a sense of fulfillment and peace. I do not give with an ulterior motive. I do not give because I expect something in return or because I have an agenda I am trying to further. No, i give because i understand what it means to not have. I know how to feels to not have anything, hoping that someone will see the hungry hope in your eyes and offer you something.

I know how it feels to swallow your pride and dignity and bring yourself down to beg because no one has given you anything. I know how it feels to look through the glass of a restaurant, your stomach growling, your mouth watering, hoping someone will beckon on you to come and have a plate. Perhaps, someone will bring a doggy bag for you. The sinking hope of seeing people pass by without stopping to look or even spare you a change as the day quickly turns to night. The dreadful reality that it might be another night of going to bed without food in your stomach. I have lived with the pain of wearing shoes that are 2 sizes too small with holes in the soles. Head warmers that are no longer keeping the head warm, gloves that are so thin that even the bare cold feels warmer. I know the feeling of shame from being laughed at by other kids because your socks do not match, and your clothes are faded. I have lived through these and more for years, hoping, praying that someone will be kind and give me a spare change, a coat, a pair of nice shoes that fit, gloves to keep my fingers warm, a bowl of hot soup, or even a smile. I have lived through all of these, and that is why I give. I give because the world can be blind to the poor and only need them for stock images or their agenda. I give because I know how much a hot meal can change a life. I give because what might be spare change to us feeding for days to another. I give because a little hope goes a long way to help. I might not be wealthy, but I am no longer where I used to be. I will not turn my back on those who are in that situation now just because I got out. I have been privileged and bless to be given the opportunity to make something out of my life. I choose to pay it forward by giving those in need. It doesn’t matter who they are or where they are from, as long as there is life in me, I will continue to extend my hands to them. I know that in doing so, I will be bringing light to someone’s life, restoring someone’s hope and maybe even change a life for better.

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