You Can’t Be Like Everyone Else And That’s A Good Thing

Today’s world is mostly defined by trends and new common opinions. As such, everyone appears to be following one particular trajectory that makes it seem as though not jumping on the bandwagon is a sin. There is a certain pressure that life and everyone around puts on you, to make you become one particular person. You just have to fit into their descriptions? Not necessarily. Who says a bodybuilder cannot wear glasses or that a kid cannot be smart and tough at the same time? Well, no one.

Celebrate Your Difference

There is no law that says your life has to be similar to the one everybody else is living. To be fair, no two people are exactly the same, not even identical twins. If evolution has made sure of this, it means your personality and characteristics are special. The opinions and values you hold deep inside of you are just as unique. If you throw all these cool things about you away just because you want to be like the person next to you, you would be losing yourself to the craze that is of this world. Even the way you laugh is supposed to set you apart. Getting rid of all that to belong is one of the cruelest things you could ever do to yourself. Rather, champion and celebrate the things that make you unique.

You Are All You Need To Impress

Most people live to impress others, but it is far more inspiring and satisfactory to live the life that makes you proud of yourself. Trying to get in the good books of people is a natural instinct. If there is anything the so-called industrialists have taught us, it is that we need get good grades to impress college recruiters, get a good job, impress our bosses and move up the corporate ladder. These things could make others think better about you, but the greatest measure of a successful life is whether or not you impressed yourself. According to Ernest Hemingway, there is nothing noble in being superior to fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. Your definition of success may not impress the masses, you may never make a million dollars or have a house by the lake. But you can impress yourself.

Never Stop Reflecting

The best way to live a personal and self-gratifying life is by taking some time to reflect on the things you have done and how far so far. On a regular basis, meditate, contemplate and reflect. A life that remains unexamined is not worth living because the pull to go with the flow has always been very strong. You need to take a look at your life and critically assess it. Truth be told, our loves will always try to drift in the direction of conformity, especially if we lose hold of our directional bearings. As often as that happens, have the presence of mind to withdraw from it. Do reviw o review your list of values while reflecting on the current trajectory of your life. Make sure all of it is not following in the footsteps of everyone else. Like is too short and valuable to try to copy people. Be your own—and the best—version of yourself and you will discover you have potential for even greater things.

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