Give life a chance, breath

Dance as though no one is watching you, sing as though no one can hear you.

Love like you’ve never been hurt before and live as though heaven is on earth.

Be happy no matter what you have been through, after night comes sunshine, and always bear in mind that the world gets brighter each time you smile.

Give life another chance, let the past be in the past, let love lead.

I never believed I could be in a situation where I could advise someone to let go of the past and give life another chance.

My last marriage left me with a PSTD and no matter how I tried to convince myself I was getting better I knew I was breaking the remaining pieces of my life into fragments.

The friend I trusted so much broke into my home and took the man I so much loved.

My instincts were never wrong, I saw it coming and wanted to solve everything when it was still early, but the love of my life called me crazy for thinking he’s ever going to cheat on me.

He divorced me a few months later and I felt I still had a chance, but not until I saw his child dedication invitation at my doorstep, worse still he has a child with my best friend.

I gave up on love and shut myself out from the world, but today my life has taken another shape as I decided to give life a chance, there’s still some good left.