Life Is Too Short

Happiness is synthetic. Either you create it for yourself, don’t or equally destroy it. The one that lasts is earned by the kind of habits you have. Those who are supremely happy have been able to hone habits that help them to maintain joyful moods day in and out. To permanently adopt a new habit, not to talk of many, is a hard process, But breaking the bad ones which make you unhappy is much easier.

Just Stop Worrying

Life is too short, mate. If you spend all your time worrying about something you are not even sure of, you will not know when you turn 40 all of a sudden. At that point, you will wonder what you have been up to all this while, as most of your mates would be leading completely different lives. Worrying does not create action, neither does it change anything. It freezes you, making you unable to think straight and make changes. 

Let Those Grudges Go

According to the famous writer Mark Twain, anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Is there someone that wronged you and perhaps never made an effort to make up for it? Forgive and let go, for your own good. Holding a grudge is somehow like drinking poison and waiting for another person to be killed by it. By carrying such loads of negative energy for someone, you are giving yourself permission to stay unhappy. 

Be Content

Yes, you will always go after the things you want in life. But you have to remember to be grateful for the ones you already have. There are hundreds of people out there who wish they had what you could be taking for granted. Appreciate the little ones in your possession, your abilities and the small wins every now and then. Look at what you have, smile and be content with it. Inasmuch as you should not settle for less, you should give yourself reasons to be thankful. 

Discover Yourself 

Who are you? What is your story? What legacy do you intend to leave behind? One way to answer all these questions easily is by discovering yourself. A lot of people are subscribers to the falsehood that their purpose in life is to make it to the weekend. Well, no wonder, there are so many miserable clock punchers around the world. Rather than just existing, find a way to actually start living. Find what drives your passion and purpose, pursue it, and get it.

Learn From Mistakes

One thing that will make you live a short, unhappy life is not learning from mistakes and doing right by yourself. However, the mistakes do not have to be yours, as there are stories out there you can learn from. In your own life, more importantly, strive to not make the same mistake twice, no matter what. Keep making sure to be the best version of yourself. 

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