Thank God for this week

Thank God for keeping me safe this week and for the blessings he never stops showering on me. I pray that you keep my family and friends safe today and this weekend.

Bless them and give them answers to all of their prayers for you are god. I thank you, God, for keeping me safe even when I am not worth your grace or mercy.

I am a great sinner and I am sorry for all I have done and I hope that you accept me as yours again. I never knew I was going to leave that car alive‚ but here I am speaking of the miracle you performed in my life.

I was coming back from one of my numerous tricks and was listening to the music booming from my phone when I didn’t see the oncoming trailer and the road was very bad.

I saw it too late and all I can remember was praying to God to save me that I will serve him with all my life.

On-lookers said my car somersaulted eight times and it was crushed beyond repairs; they didn’t bother rushing to the scene immediately because they believed whatever was in it will have died.

I lost consciousness and not even a scratch was on my body; God is good and he is a miracle-working God. I knew he gave me another chance to do better and give my life to him; thank you God for all you have done.

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