People’s opinion doesn’t matter

One person might call me an angel and the most beautiful person he has ever seen; to another, I might be a devil in human’s form and have no beauty in me.

Well, I am both, come get your opinion.

When I was a child I always wanted to have a stress-free life; a life where I can just be happy and be myself.

I loved painting so much and most of my works are usually scary animations and all that.

At such a small age when most of my friends are busy cycling and running around in the snow; I had my color painter and my drawing book.

I never dropped that habit until I got older; I was such a good painter and sooner than later I decided to go into drawing tattoos and make-ups.

Some people supported my opinion and told me if it made me happy I should go on with it; that no one is a saint.

Some in the neighborhood started coming into my family house to discuss my future with my parents.

Some said they saw my future already and the path I am following will lead me into destruction.

One of them said my career was going to push me into prostitution and doing drugs, little did the old lady know her underground house is a bunker where her kids smoke and do all sorts of nasty stuff.

They wrote me off when they didn’t even understand the reason I chose to do what I like; I told myself their opinion doesn’t matter; I should just do whatever makes me happy.