Stop wasting time on the wrong people

Sometimes‚ you have to accept the truth and stop wasting time on the wrong people. Some people don’t realize how hard you are riding for them‚ until you park.

Sometimes‚ you just have to stop trying to prove that you love someone and let them do whatever’s in their head.

I am not perfect and bound to make mistakes and I will always be sorry for them while working towards being a better person.

I once cheated on my ex and that was certainly the last time; I cheated on her emotionally and she got to know when she read my chats.

At that moment I had already cut the girl off and she stumbles on the mails we sent each other and that alone made our relationship sour.

Not to rub it in her face‚ but she has always been the cheating partner‚ not once not twice‚ and I always forgave and forgot about it.

This particular incident has been years and she never stops rubbing it on my face that I can sleep with anyone on the skirt and I have no shame.

I always swallowed it each time she said something like that whenever we had an argument‚ but I never reminded her of how bad she has been by having an affair with my brothers.

I knew that we had no future together; she’s never going to trust me again nor respect me when all I ever did was love and respect the ground she walked on.

I left for good and I am happy to b getting my life back again.